Curved curtains

Tende Arricciate, produzione Stefano Abbate

Curved curtains: timeless classicism

The curved curtains of all kinds of curtains are the best known and most used, in short, timeless. They fit into classical, elegant, modern and minimal environments; The style and furnishings of the dwellings determines the pattern of curtain, curl and fabric.

Tende moderne

Curved curtains, production Stefano Abbate – Fabric furnishings

They can be installed on rails or decorative sticks, the latter in modern environments are chosen because they help to give more ornament to the room.

Type of curled curtain rod, production by Stefano Abbate

The types of curl that best suit classic furnishings are: two or three fixed folds, kissed pleats, honeycomb ribbon; While in modern environments it is advisable to use curtains with passers-by and folds, with stretched fabric passageways, with folded eyelets and stretched eyelets.

The fabrics most used for the bottom curtains are linens, silks, cotton, voile, organ and cracks, while in the case of the above, classical environments prefer fabrics such as damask, brocade, rasi, united or worked velvet and floral fabrics.

Nya Nordisca

Taftas, linen, cotton (with geometric designs, linear lines, lines or more abstract motifs) are fabrics that best fit in modern settings.

Arredamento moderno tende e tendaggi


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