How do I wash my curtains?

Collezione Matrix, Tolino

Wash the curtains: practical tips for efficient maintenance of our furnishing fabrics


Many ask us for suggestions or information on the maintenance of their curtains or upholstery fabrics, so today we want to give you some general tips on washing methods.

It is important to clean tents and fabrics regularly; Dust, smokes, smells from the kitchen lie on the curtains and on the fabric every day.

Before cleaning the curtains, it is best to remove the hooks, weights, metal objects and strut the strings.

Soak max 30°


Wash: If the fabric is washable in the washing machine, it is recommended to use the highest care: never at high temperatures and short wash.


If, however, the type of fabric requires a hand wash, we recommend that you soak the curtains in a fairly large basin or inside your own bathtub. For an optimal result, the ideal would be to pre-wash the curtains only with water, then remove the water and wash the curtains with the soap. Avoid rubbing and squeezing the fabric gently.


Detergents: Use delicate neutral liquid soaps, avoid the use of bleach agents. Before dipping the curtains make sure the soap is well diluted. To eliminate bad smells and refresh the curtains, we recommend adding a spoon of sodium bicarbonate or white vinegar to the pan or washer.

Do not dry

Drying and straining: To avoid discoloration of the curtains, avoid exposure to direct sunlight; Before the curtains are completely dried, to regain width width extended fabric gently.

It is preferable to iron with steam irons with a cover to prevent the gloss effect.

Stir at low temperature

Cover or upholstery fabrics should be regularly brushed or cleaned with vacuum cleaners and always washed dry.

Wash dry

In the treatment of stains, we recommend to dry them immediately with absorbent paper or tissue, do not rub the stain to prevent it from spreading or penetrating further into the fabric.

In direct contact with the sun’s rays, the upholstery may become discolored, so be careful not to direct exposure.