Toile de jouy

Fabrics – Toile de Jouy: from France to Maria Antonietta to today


Produced in France from 1760 by the entrepreneur Christophe Philippe Oberkampf, Toile de Jouy was a fabric made of cotton or linen, much appreciated by the privileged classes of the time, in particular he was loved by Queen Maria Antonietta and Giuseppina Bonaparte.



The decorative motifs are inspired by the rococo taste, rich in details but at the same time sober. From paintings by French painters Jean-Honoré Fragonard and François Boucher, however, inspire galactic and country scenes.



Soft, pastel, but also red and blue colors characterize this particular fabric.



The type of cotton fabric is adaptable both for curtains and upholstery; Can be worked for classic draperies but also integrated in modern environments packaged in truly unique package tents that will give your environment a unique style.


Pillows made by Tales with our toile de jouy fabrics