Trends 2017 (1st part)

Tendenze 2017: i colori per arredare la vostra casa

2017 Trends: Colors to Decorate Your Home (1st Part)

Like all the years PANTONE Color Institute, the leading US color classification company named the color that will affect fashion, design and furnishing fabrics during this 2017. This is the Greenery called “a fresh and sparkling yellow- Green that evokes the early days of spring, when the green of nature is invigorated and renewed … a color that symbolizes the connection we all seek with nature and with others.”

Collezione Africa, Gaston y Daniela

Collection Africa, Gaston y Daniela

In 2016, pastel and romantic colors such as Rosa Quartz and Serenity Blue will continue to thrive this year along with other light tones such as Yellow Iris and Green Nile.

Nya Nordisca

The green variants chosen for this year marry well in warm and lively colors such as Red Carminio and Orchidea, but also the floral shades of Rosa and Red Dalia, for example in contrast to a Green Intense.

Collezione Trendy, Tolino

Add elegant and contemporary nuances with Gray, while Pale Gold, Orange, Raspberry, Ancient Rose and Tortora, unusual color combinations, will give glory to your surroundings.

Nya Nordisca

While you want to give a fresh touch to a Green Mint or a Yellow Olive or more traditional colors such as the Classic Blue, the Seppia.

Christian Fischbacher

There is also a lack of White and Black, however, with bright colors.

Collezione Africalia, Gaston y Daniela


“What colors and combinations will you choose for the tents and upholstery of your home?”