Trends 2017 (2nd part)

Trends 2017: a “green” home, where to find shelter from the frenzy of the city. 


If the PANTONE Color Institute tells each year the colors that will make the trend, the best-known interior designers launch inspirational lines to decorate their home.


In this year 2017, the home becomes a place to seek tranquility; In the living area the must will be large sofas , soft carpets and floor cushions , that is a relaxation and peace , Away from work stress and city frenzy.

Romanticism instead will dress the nightclub with soft colors, from the elegant gray to the pink but also classic blue and sepia, fantasy floral and striped . In 2017, the headboard of the bed padded with light tones, quilted with buttons and dark velvet .

The fabrics are the aforementioned velvet – a timeless classic – eco-leather , but above all natural fabrics: linen , cotton Strong canvas , canvas and wool for a truly eco-friendly ” green Even in its furnishings.

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