How we work

Customer centrality

The customer is at the center of all our accomplishments. It is with him that we decide what to create and with what materials to ensure maximum satisfaction and the best result.

Come lavoriamo
Come lavoriamo
Come lavoriamo
Come lavoriamo


We are aware that by now the world has become increasingly globalized and the difficulties in affirming a certain product realized following ancient craftsmanship techniques. But we are also aware that only by finding and continuing to apply the artisan knowledge handed down by our fathers, we can always guarantee a quality product and close to the customer's needs.

Made in Italy

For over 60 years we have been designing, manufacturing and packaging the product in Italy. Along with artisan knowledge, Made in Italy is a feature character for us . We are aware that in this way we can ensure the respect of quality standards, controlling every stage of the production process, with attention to every detail.



We started from a small post-war laboratory and in time, thanks to the improvement and the introduction of new production processes, we have met and satisfied hundreds of customers locally and regionally.


The Stefano Abbate - Fabric Furnishings is fueled by a constant desire to improve in their work. For over 60 years, we work our work with great passion and are always looking for new ways to meet customer needs.