Modern furniture

Arredamento moderno - Tende moderne ׀ Stefano Abbate Arredamenti in tessuto

Interior tents for your modern décor

For modern furnishing we offer several solutions ranging from roller blinds to panel curtains, passing modern package tents.

Made with a wide range of fabrics and systems, both decorative and functional.

Panel curtains

Panel curtains for modern and minimal environments are made of any type of fabric: light, heavy and technical. Installed on simple or decorative tracks with manual or electrical movement; One of the features of this system is to create multi-color tents that can be interchanged several times throughout the day to create different color effects depending on their matching.

Roller blinds

The types of fabrics allow us to install our roller blinds in modern or classic settings depending on the type of packaging. In the first case lightweight, thinking and technical fabrics are used, while the second is more decorative fabrics and more noble compositions such as thirst, linen, cotton etc. Roller blinds help furnish your offices and professional studios.

Work done by us:

Production Bandalux:
With the Digital PRINTING collection you can customize your roller blind!

Vertical curtains

For a long time the vertical curtains, with 11cm wide lids, were used in offices; For some years the concept of office tent has been cleared, in fact today it is possible to place this product in the houses; On the market there are vertical curtains of dimensions and shapes other than standard ones. A wide assortment of fabrics and colors allows you to install these types of curtains even in modern private homes.

Modern curtains

The world of modern curtains is vast; Both as regards the types of fabrics, packaging and sliding systems, which can be in steel, iron, aluminum, wood etc.