Sunshades with arms

Sunbeds: a synthesis of sophisticated design and effective mechanics

Among the proposals of the Gibus brand, the tents are unique solutions of technological and aesthetic qualitative refinement. Great for shading and refreshing, they are tents that enhance any kind of space, thanks to a wide range of finishes. Armchairs, practically tailor-made to meet any need for space and aesthetic taste, are simple and lightweight structures that can be integrated into different architectural contexts.

Wide versatility of installation in a perfect synthesis between design and functionality, armrest tents complete with remote controlled engines and wind instruments rewinding them. The motors are inserted inside the roller roller being invisible. The automatisms make the curtain active for greater comfort in total safety. A sensor detects the sun’s intensity and the tent opens or closes independently and intelligently. The control system constantly monitors wind power and manages the winding of the canopy, thus safeguarding the curtain even when it is absent.

The sun-shade guarantees a new comfort, an environment protected from excessive heat, the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays and excessive heat dispersion in the cold season.

Installing a Gibus Sunshade means compliance with energy efficiency laws that include the use of external shielding systems in order to reduce energy consumption, with up to 10% savings on heating and electrical consumption for air conditioning Reductions up to 42 KWh / mq year.