Why write a blog?

Perchè scrivere un blog?

“What sort of tent can I choose according to my decor?”

Why write a blog? Here’s our answer

“Do I need a darkening curtain for my studio that fabric advises me?”
“I would like a tent for my bedroom with a soft, but soft fabric.”
“I like classic taste but I also love modern fabrics.”

These are some of the questions that our customers pose when they come to our store. Providing advice, meeting customer needs is part of our work. This is how the idea of ​​creating a blog is born, a space through which to offer our suggestions and suggestions on how to best furnish your home. But that’s not all. The idea of ​​creating a blog fits within a broader digitalization project of our company. In this sense, we took the first steps about two years ago by participating in the “Excellencies in Digital” training courses dedicated to SMEs, promoted by Google, Unioncamere and the Ministry of Labor. At the Frosinone Chamber of Commerce, digitalisers Francesca Simeoni and Marco Cosmo have made available their skills to grow small businesses in the digital field, providing tips and suggestions on how to make the most of this fantastic resource and opportunity that is, Precisely, the web.
From “Digital Excellence” we went to the “Growing in Digital” project and for six months we welcomed Giacomo Verde, a young trainee in our company, who has been steadfast and committed to our digital innovation process.


In June 2016 Google appointed our company as Digital Excellence 2015-2016; This recognition fills us with pride and has pushed us even more to invest and firmly believe in the benefits of being an on-line online business. We believe in the growth that the web can give, but also in creating visibility, contacts and relationships. The latest in this process has been the new graphic design of our website in order to offer you the best experience.

But returning to our blog, here we will propose items dedicated to curtains and furnishing accessories that will enrich your living spaces as well as your offices or business activities. We will talk about the variety of fabrics, the best combinations of color and fantasy, the choice of the type of curtain and upholstery, the differences between one type and the other, the new collections and everything that makes a tendency in the field of furnishing In fabric. Just as it happens within our shop, we will collect your requests and try to give you the best advice for your home; It is our intention to create a space for sharing and sharing ideas in order to help you in the furnishing of a perfect home that reflects your taste, where you can enjoy the most comfort and design in detail.

Hang the curtains. They make it look like a finished room. Think of the curtains like the decorative lipstick.
(Peter Dunham)