22 May 2017

Neptuno Collection: fabrics for curtains and upholstery

New 2017: Neptuno Collection: Fabrics for curtains and upholstery inspired by Art Decò Guell-Lamadrid presents the Neptuno collection inspired by Art Decò. A fabric linen and […]
15 May 2017

Sunshades with arms

Sunbeds: a synthesis of sophisticated design and effective mechanics Among the proposals of the Gibus brand, the tents are unique solutions of technological and aesthetic qualitative […]
21 April 2017

Collection From Black to white

New 2017: “From Black to White” Collection by Les créations de la maison – Grupo LaMadrid Les créations de la Maison – Grupo La Madrid, presented […]
10 April 2017

How do I wash my curtains?

Wash the curtains: practical tips for efficient maintenance of our furnishing fabrics   Many ask us for suggestions or information on the maintenance of their curtains […]
31 March 2017

Trends 2017 (2nd part)

Trends 2017: a “green” home, where to find shelter from the frenzy of the city.    If the PANTONE Color Institute tells each year the colors […]
24 March 2017

Toile de jouy

Fabrics – Toile de Jouy: from France to Maria Antonietta to today   Produced in France from 1760 by the entrepreneur Christophe Philippe Oberkampf, Toile de […]
17 March 2017

Curved curtains

10 March 2017
Tendenze 2017: i colori per arredare la vostra casa

Trends 2017 (1st part)

3 March 2017
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